Online Print Ordering System (OPOS) from M&P Print

Maintain brand consistency across your organisation by having a fast, powerful and easy to use online print ordering system at your fingertips. With personalised, branded templates for all of your print requirements and centralisation of all accounts and invoicing, the Online Print Ordering System from M&P Print, will save time and money getting your print right first time, every time.

Benefits in using the Online Print Ordering System (OPOS):

  1. Quick, easy and hassle free print ordering online
  2. Consistent and reliable brand protection with all your print
  3. Centralisation of all accounting and invoicing
  4. Availability to print from any hotel, office or retail location
  5. Exclusive online ordering discount

Customised, branded template print, in just 3 easy steps:

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3....

  1. Login to your tailored and personal customer account
  2. Select your custom branded template and edit your specific information
  3. Confirm order and send to print, with delivery straight to your desired location

How does the Online Print Ordering System (OPOS) work?

Once you sign up for an OPOS account with us, we will be able to add all of your stationery, marketing and promotional print items to your tailored, personal account. You will then be able to specify the fields within each document that you would like to be editable. As an example, on your corporate business card template, you could allow for editable access to the name and telephone number fields, while address, logo and promotional message (if there is one) remain fixed - your branding is intact and your team member has placed an order for their business cards - easy!

Protect your brand throughout your group, corporation, hotel chain or franchise!

Do you find that colours, fonts and logos get printed with branding errors and the different areas within your business receive incorrectly branded tools? Stop your brand becoming degraded and giving the inconsistent message that leads to lack of trust, by having a consistency in print, that an M&P Print OPOS account can offer.

Simply choose the fields of your template that you would like to be editable (so the colour, logo and brand message are maintained throughout all of the print materials) and let anyone in your team edit the artwork and send the items to print.

Centralised accounting & invoicing

All of the invoicing and accounting is centralised in one online account, so reviewing your on-going print spend across your organisation has never been easier.

Just some of the branded items that we can place in your OPOS account:

Try our OPOS demo account to see how it works:

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